Entertain in style with terrific table decor for any festive occasion whether a family lunch or a posh dinner – conversation starter napkins, pop up placemats, intricately paper cut candle wrappers, coast to coaster coaster set and more.

  • Riddle Napkins for your dinner table

    Riddle Napkins

    R 140.00
  • Pop Up Placemats Woodlands

    Pop-up Placemats Woodlands

    R 190.00
  • Coast to Coaster Display

    Coast to Coaster

    R 230.00
  • 2016 Calendar Tea Towel

    Hand Illustrated 2016 Calendar Tea Towel

    R 100.00
  • Manners Matter Tea Towel or Place Mat

    Manners Matter Tea Towel

    R 100.00
  • Pop Up Placemates Karoo

    Pop-up Placemats Karoo

    R 190.00
  • Karoo Candle Wrapper

    Candle Wrappers – Karoo

    R 120.00
  • Marble Napkin on its own

    Marble printed napkins

    R 160.00
  • Story Candle Wrapper Close up 2

    Story Candle Wrapper

    R 120.00
  • Tea Infographic Tea Towel

    Tea Infographic Towel

    R 100.00
  • pop-up placemats

    Pop-Up Placemats: Beaches of SA

    R 190.00
  • Toasted Coaster

    Toasted Coaster