About Elsje van der Merwe

Elsje was born in the Great Karoo. She studied at Stellenbosch University and thereafter worked as a PR in her twenties whilst studying further part-time in several fields (graphic design, journalism, calligraphy, wine, and fine art). Soon her entrepreneurial spirit got the better of her - she started a part-time business.

After a few months, she couldn't keep up with demand and took the plunge to turn Elsje Designs into a day job. Quickly Elsje Designs became the trendsetting supplier in the social stationery arena of posh weddings and events. Her work was often featured in the media, contributing to over 100 magazine shoots. She was sought out for inspiration in the events field and beyond into décor and other design arenas.

After ten successful years in this niche industry and getting married to Louis van Niekerk, Elsje sold off the wedding specialist studio and went in search of new inspiration. This lead her to the re-launched Elsje Designs with a focus on out of the ordinary decor design that creates things to be touched and treasured.

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